Poetry Jam

Yesterday, we had the poetry jam for numbers 1-12. The poetry jam is where we take all of our poems we made, put them in a book, and pick three plus a famous poem to perform. The parents come and the servers give them no bake cookies and chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate and water. I thought I did good. It was really fun! Today I am a server so I serve people. The poetry jam was fun because when you walk through the door thing were hanging, also there were fake candles on the tables, the tables were covered with black paper , and we used a microphone, also all the decorations, and the lights were turned off and there was a light shining on the person performing. The poetry jam was really fun.



Traditional Literature (myths)

In school we are learning about traditional literature. So today in computer lab we are supposed to do a tell people like you what the myth of the myth is or the  tall tale of the tall tale. I chose myths. We are using this website to do this  click here. There were two stories  the first was Thor’s Hammer. The myth in Thor’s Hammer is that Thyrm believed Thor’s disguise. I don’t believe it is a myth because Thyrm is the smart person in the story so I don’t think that is true because Thrym would know Thor’s face because Thyrm has seen Thor so much.  The second story is Persuses and Medusa.  The myth in that story is that they got into Medusa’s lair. I don’t believe that they got into Medusa’s lair because if she saw them they would of been turned into stone and that would be imposable to get into her lair because she would of heard there steps. Myths are very interesting in many ways.

Two Bad Ants and the Queen

One day when I woke up and it felt like it was going to be a good day. So then I woke up and my ants were waiting for me by my bed. They were holding something that smelled like the best food ever. They brought it up to me and said to try it. So then I did and I exclaimed how it was the beast food ever. So then I ordered my ants to go get me more of the crystals. When they were gone I was all alone picturing in my head and it was hilarious how all the ants were  marching in a straight line together. Then in about an hour I was bored so I decided to go to sleep. I must of slept all day and all night because when I woke up on the table was sitting a bunch on the crystals. After I ate them, I thanked my ants and counted them to make sure they all came safely home and they all did except for 2. I had 10 ants, and there were only 8 there! But it was already night so I couldn’t go tell the ants I have to go get them. So we all went to sleep wondering where the two ants are, and where they went. Then in the morning we all woke up by hearing 2 ants yelling all about what they did and their whole adventure. Then after that I announced that no one is allowed to leave the house without permission or are allowed to stay behind without me telling them ever again.



How to Get Emojis In your Posts

Here is how to get emojis into your post. First you type in a one of these things 🙁 or :). When you type in your post it won’t show up as a emoji.  So then you will post and it will show  up as a emoji.



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Persuasive Writing

In school we have been learning about persuasive writing. Here is something that I am working on.

Every single kid should have at least one dog. One reason they should have at least one dog is because the dog would keep them company. The dog would keep them company because if they were an only child and they had nobody to play with they have a dog to play with. Also, if they had siblings and they were gone they had a dog  to play with. Furthermore, you would have the dog to sleep with. Also, dogs are calm animals when they get older.

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Here are my dogspj


I have nothing to post about so I am just going to post about all the planets and maybe  give  a facts about each planet. The first planet is Earth. You probably know a lot of things about Earth. The earth has over 1,000 languages  and more than 7 billion people, 7 continents, 50 states. Next is  Uranus. I know nothing about Uranus but it is the ancient Greek diety of the Heavens.  The next planet is Mercury. Mercury is the 8th largest planet and is the closest to the sun. Next is Venus. Venus is the second planet from the sun and is the sixth largest.  Next planet is Mars. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is seventh largest. Next planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun and is the By far the largest. Next planet is Saturn. Saturn is the sixth planet from  the sun and is also the secoplanet in Space.  The next planet is Neptune. Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and is the fourth largest. The last planet is Pluto and Pluto doesn’t exist. Thank you izzyn2014.edublogs.org for all these facts.

Wordle and Character Traits

In school we are learning about character traits. So we used this website called wordle.net to create these. Please use the link to create one for yourself. We used wordle because it is fun and so we could learn about character traits. Our wordles are all about us and our character traits. I really liked using wordle because it was really fun to use. Here is how we used wordle 1 we went to Microsoft word and typed in what we wanted it to say ( type the same word more than once to make it bigger) 2 we went to wordle.net (link above) and pasted the words down 3 made the wordle. Hope you learned many things now.wordle



Yesterday I went sledding at the park with a huge hill. Then there was a bump that I think I went too much cause now my body parts are hurting from falling on it.  Every time you go down the bump though you land on a bunch of ice. Then on my giant orange sled I went down on my feet and almost got all the way down but close to the end I fell on  my head. Then when I went back on the bump and went down on a little blue circle sled and fell then I went on again only backwards and fell sooooo hard. That is what I did when I went sledding,